Sim Zacks

Red Hat
DevOps/CI Architect
Sim is a senior principal architect for Red Hat's Quality Engineering division. He has been at Red Hat for the past 5 years, working on continuous integration functions using DevOps methodologies. He has a proven record of success in leading cross functional initiatives across the organization. Sim also leads the organization team for the annual PyCon Israel conference. He has spoken at various conferences on topics such as CI workflows, database functionality, python features as well as leadership skills. Sim's experience includes DevOps methodologies, software development, database design and development & system administration. Aside from technology, he is also involved with business processes development, team management, consensus building, mentoring and training. Sim is the author of the blog EveryPerson's strategy, which can be found: https://everypersons-strategy.blogspot.com/ and on my LinkedIn profile

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