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Shuah Khan

The Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow
Shuah Khan is a Linux Kernel Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She maintains Kernel Selftest framework, USB over IP driver, and cpupower. She is an active contributor to the Linux media subsystem. She has contributed to IOMMU, and DMA areas.

Shuah is passionate about mentoring and helping new developers. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise in her blogs, talks, and articles. She leads the Linux Kernel Mentorship program at the Linux Foundation to help add new and diverse talent into the Linux Kernel Community to benefit the Linux ecosystem that depends on the Linux Kernel.

She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103) a free training from the Linux Foundation.

In addition, she is helping with stable release kernel testing. She publishes blogs on Linux Kernel topics on her blog site at http://www.gonehiking.org/ShuahLinuxBlogs/. She has presented at several Linux conferences and Linux Kernel Developer Keynote Panels. She served on the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board. She authored Linux Kernel Testing and Debugging paper published on the Linux Journal and wrote several Linux Journal kernel news articles.

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