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Shreeya Patel

Outreachy Intern @ Linux Kernel
I am a B.Tech. graduate in Information Technology. My journey with Linux Kernel started in second year of engineering and due to consistent contribution and involvement, I was offered to work on IIO subsystem’s drivers like adis16209, adt7316 where I learnt a lot of things related to SPI, I2C protocols, platform data, device tree bindings, regmap and got to test the drivers with hardware. Being from an Information Technology background, all this was very new for me and seemed like magic at the very beginning. I also wrote some blog posts on whatever I’ve worked so that it can be helpful to people like me. After understanding how drivers actually work, I started to work on various freelancing projects on Upwork like implementing syscalls for NanoVM which is a unikernel platform and 11 more Linux Kernel related projects. Finally all this 3 years of hard work landed me with an official internship with Linux Kernel organization where I am working on Sound Open Firmware project with my mentor Daniel Baluta and some very talented people around the globe.

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