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Oleg Fiksel

Technical Cloud Architect
Oleg started working in IT when he was 16 years old as a computer repair technician in a small IT company.

He has extended his knowledge in his study of informatics on the RWTH Aachen University. Now Oleg has over 19 years of planing, customizing and maintaining IT projects for various large-scaled companies.

Thanks to his passion and interest for new technology Oleg has made his way over several areas of expertise from administrating servers and networks over to development and CI/CD to managing projects and leading teams.

In this years Oleg was able to achieve several certifications in networking products and management practices.

He is an active contributor to the open source community. Doesn’t matter if it’s code or knowledge sharing talks. Oleg speaks on several open source conferences like FrOSCon, OpenRheinRuhr and local Meetups.

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