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Gavin Mendel-Gleason

Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason is CTO of TerminusDB. He is a former research fellow at Trinity College Dublin in the School of Statistics and Computer Science. His research focuses on databases, logic and verification in software engineering. His work includes contributing to the Seshat global historical databank, an ambitious project to record and analyse patterns in human history. He is the inventor of the Web Object Query Language and the primary architect of TerminusDB. He is interested in improving the best practices of the software development community and a strong believer in formal methods and the use of mathematics and logic as disciplines to increase the quality and robustness of software. Industry: >10 years experience in IT industry: Afferent (Cheminformatics), Aeroglyph (Deductive Databases), Cognotent Ltd (Large scale clustering and search of text). Academia: Lead Software Engineer Atabot machine learning project, PhD in computer science (DCU 2012), 6 years post-doctoral research. Research Themes: formal methods, type theory, machine learning. Extensive experience in database design and implementation including “correct by construction” query engines using theorem provers.

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