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Lukas Bulwhan

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH
Chief Expert
Lukas Bulwahn has received a diploma in computer science and a PhD in formal methods from Technische Universität München. Since 2012, he is working at BMW on research and development of an open-source software platform for autonomous driving systems. One part of this research has been the development of Adaptive AUTOSAR, a standard to develop future software in C++ on top of POSIX operating systems. As another part of this research, he considers if Linux is sufficient for use as operating system for autonomous driving, which ultimately led to his participation in the OSADL SIL2LinuxMP project and LF ELISA project, where this question is answered in an industrial collaboration. He has presented his work at various industrial and open-source conferences, including FOSDEM, ELCE ‘17 & ‘18, Open-Source Summit Japan 2017, safe.tech 2018, Verification Futures 2018, 2nd Annual BIS Group Automotive ISO 26262: Functional Safety 2019 and many more.

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