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Jenn Francis

Developer Advocate
During the day I am a Developer Advocate. In this role, I get the opportunity to work with customers, business partners, and vendors on leading-edge technologies and teaching developers how they can use them. I’m constantly challenged to find engaging ways to create technical material that can be used around the world at any time. It is a lot of fun!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me exploring my new home in the UK, expanding my baking skills through new bakes or cake decorating, and doing Olympic weightlifting training.

I’ve contributed to 3 IBM Redbooks, blogged for IBM, and created various customer workshops. If you Google me, you’ll find videos of me talking about various technologies I’ve worked with and my passion for bringing in new talent to work with and learn from. As time allowed while I was in the US, I worked with campuses in the Dallas area where I lived to encourage students to continue their technology-related studies and recruited on campus for IBM. I also am a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society. As a Cherokee, I love getting to network with others from similar backgrounds and volunteer to work with students who are paving the way for their families and keeping the culture alive.

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