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Monday, October 26

12:00 GMT

Fighting Climate Change with Blockchain and Open Source - Si Chen, Open Source Strategies, Inc.
If climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, then blockchain may be the most powerful open source tool we have for fighting it. By promising peer to peer collaboration around shared yet immutable ledgers, it could improve the quality of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data, coordinate emissions reduction through all sectors of the economy, and build trust in climate action. In this presentation, we will look at a variety of open source projects utilizing blockchain to fight climate change, including those from the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger and the global Open Climate Collabthon. It will cover projects ranging from carbon emissions accounting, supply chain responsibility, green data centers, renewable energy, and transportation. The presentation will discuss the roles of blockchain technologies, open source software in general, and community development.

avatar for Si Chen

Si Chen

President, Open Source Strategies, Inc.
Si Chen is the President of Open Source Strategies and Project Manager of opentaps. He is working on leveraging open source software and blockchain to coordinate action on climate change. His past experiences include being a committer of the Apache OFBIZ project, developing the opentaps... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 12:00 - 12:50 GMT
Wildcard Theater
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13:00 GMT

Panel Discussion: Leveraging Blockchain to Drive Supply Chain Resilience and Accountability in the Face of Climate Change and Other Disruptions - Marta Geater-Piekarska, Hyperledger; Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, Circulor; Gigo Joseph, Chainyard
2020 has underscored the importance of supply chain resiliency, but disruptions are an ongoing challenge. The rise of natural disasters and threat of climate change are growing factors in supply chain management and business operations. Customers, partners and investors are increasingly focused on sustainable and transparent sourcing as well as adaptable and efficient operations. For many, blockchain has become the path to building resilience and accountability into a supply chain. In this talk, Hyperledger’s Marta Piekarska-Geater will be joined by Doug Johnson-Poensgen of Circulor and Gigo Joseph of Chainyard as well as a blue chip customer using blockchain to address supply chain reliability and sustainability. They will discuss - The role of blockchain in managing vendors across complex supply chains and ensuring accountability and transparency - Climate change as a driver in supply chain planning and blockchain adoption - The added complexity of procurement in the face of disaster or disruption - Use cases from customers across a mix of industries, including automotive, CPG, electronics and pharma. A speaker from one (or two) of these companies will join the panel as well


Marta Piekarska

Director of Ecosystem, Hyperledger
Marta serves as the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger. Prior to Hyperledger, Marta worked as a security architect at Blockstream. Marta obtained her BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology and a double Master from Computer Science and Informatics... Read More →
avatar for Douglas Johnson-Poensgen

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen

Founder and CEO, Circulor
Douglas Johnson-Poensgen founded Circulor in 2017. He bring 25 years international experience as an executive and non executive director, operating in TMT, financial services, IT and management consultancy sectors, to his role as CEO. His leadership experience spans roles in large... Read More →

Gigo Joseph

Vice President Blockchain Services, Chainyard
Gigo Joseph is Vice President Blockchain Services at Chainyard. He has over 25 years of global information technology experience across US, India & ME. He is a known strategic business leader, engineering & business process consultant, and recognized for building complex software... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 13:00 - 13:50 GMT
Wildcard Theater
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18:50 GMT

Lightning Talk: A Weather Balloon Example to Authenticate Data - Nicolas Lopez, Telokanda Remote Sensing Company
To address climate change and regional data collection issues in West Africa, we have begun a project of building weather balloons that cost well below typical radiosonde costs in the United States. Launching a weather balloon would reward local residents digital currency for their efforts, if the balloon was proven to reach a certain height. While pursuing this goal, we encountered some challenges that come from operating a business remotely. One of our obstacles was the need to develop a 2-factor authentication to ensure the owner of the device was indeed the same person using the web application. This is usually straightforward, but our application and network servers are owned and operated by multiple separate companies. Here we explore an authentication solution using blockchain that allows projects like these to become platform agnostic and able to be implemented when different companies own different parts of the data pipeline infrastructure.


Nicolas Lopez

Software Engineer, Telokanda Remote Sensing Company
Nicolas has an extensive background in weather and software, including a software engineering position at Boeing and an algorithm development position for the GOES-16 weather satellite at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He has interned and worked with NOAA in the past and has pursued... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 18:50 - 19:00 GMT
Wildcard Theater
  Wildcard, Blockchain
Wednesday, October 28

16:15 GMT

Skynet - Peer to Peer Application Hosting - Chris Schinnerl, Skynet Labs
User content on the Internet today is controlled by a small number of corporations. Most content has one of these corporations as a single point of failure and is subject to arbitrary terms and moderation policies. We present Skynet, an open-source peer to peer blockchain network for hosting content and applications. We describe how Skynet combines encryption, erasure coding, and an open marketplace that allows anyone to sell their spare storage and bandwidth to the network to create an alternative infrastructure for content creators. We will describe in detail some of the game theory, economic incentives, and content delivery algorithms that allow our live network to achieve extreme uptime and performance that is comparable to the modern web. We showcase that the decentralized Internet has reached a turning point of reliability and usability.

avatar for Chris Schinnerl

Chris Schinnerl

Vice President of Engineering, Skynet Labs
I grew up in Austria and studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Graz starting 2011.During that period (starting 2013) I also worked as a Software Engineer for AVL List Gmbh in Graz.I joined SkynetLabs (formerly Nebulous) in 2017 as a Core Developer and since summer... Read More →

Wednesday October 28, 2020 16:15 - 17:05 GMT
Wildcard Theater
  Wildcard, Blockchain

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