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Diversity Empowerment Summit [clear filter]
Monday, October 26

12:00 GMT

Give Back, Make an Impact, Build Your Career! - Ulrike Strommer, Cloudflight
Ever wondered why people devote their spare time to Open Source projects? Did you know that communities need developers and non developers alike? And ever thought about a career in the tech industry but didn’t know how to get started? Join this talk & learn more about Ulrike's story of personal and professional growth through non-code contribution to Open Source.

avatar for Ulrike Strommer

Ulrike Strommer

Requirements Engineer, Scrum Master, Cloudflight
Ulrike joined her first open source project 7 years ago and quickly became actively involved, currently as Vice Chairman of Drupal Austria. In 2017 she co-founded Open Minds - the Austrian Open Source Award & Open Source Ball [an event with more than 400 participants to highlight... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 12:00 - 12:25 GMT
DES Theater

13:00 GMT

Confessions of a Late Bloomer: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges as a Woman of Color - Jennifer Madriaga, Red Hat
Those of us who identify as members of underrepresented groups within the tech industry tend to enter this space via non-traditional routes. As a result, obstacles and challenges are not always immediately identifiable to those wanting to recruit and retain employees from underrepresented groups. Well-meaning allies can sometimes unintentionally undermine efforts related to diversity and inclusion because of their blind spots and unwillingness to own and deal with them. I'll share my story how I came to be in open source after years of not being in the work force, the fears and anxieties from imposter syndrome, the pitfalls that can happen when conversations on race and diversity become a new priority for teams and companies as well as address questions and potential strategies to address those pitfalls. The work around diversity and inclusion is one that requires commitment, honesty, and sometimes very painful acknowledgement and learning. While the work is difficult, it is very much necessary. We'll talk about guidelines around what can be done to move forward and how to set realistic expectations for change.


Jennifer Madriaga

Global Marketing Manager, Community Event Strategy, Red Hat
Jennifer (Jen) Madriaga is the Global Marketing Manager in Community Event Strategy on the Events team in Marketing Communciations at Red Hat. Jen provides event management and event marketing expertise for a variety of open source and community events. She collaborates regularly... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 13:00 - 13:25 GMT
DES Theater

13:25 GMT

Lowering Barriers to Inclusion in Open Source Ecosystems - Joanna Lee, Gesmer Updegrove LLP
Joanna will provide an broad overview of strategies for greater inclusion in open source ecosystems. This talk will cover: * Why is diversity in open source currently so bad? * What are the barriers to under-represented groups participating in OS? * How do we lower those barriers? * Code of Conduct best practices * Inclusive language and culture * The importance of great documentation * Accessibility in open source * Models for mentorship

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Joanna Lee

Partner, Gesmer Updegrove LLP
Joanna Lee is an attorney specializing in technology licensing and strategy, business and non-profit governance, open source software, and technology standards. Joanna and her firm represent numerous open source software foundations (including Linux Foundation), global standard setting... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 13:25 - 13:50 GMT
DES Theater
  Diversity Empowerment Summit, Strategies for Inclusiveness

16:15 GMT

Giving and Getting Technical Help in Open Source Without Being Scared! - Sonia Singla, CNCF
As a developer, it’s exciting and challenging to stay up to speed with the latest trends in technology.Every day, new languages, frameworks and devices capture our attention and spur conversations in meetups, forums and chats.However, our developer community is made of people, not tools, and it’s fascinating to explore its sociopolitical aspects. We are always beginners at some things and experts at others.Along the way from beginner to expert we ask a lot of questions, but it can be intimidating to ask for help.This talk will be split into two halves: giving and then getting technical help.This talk gives concrete tools to help you ask with confidence, and highlights common expert mistakes that inadvertently make people feel foolish.It's important to learn how to manage your contributors in open-source.Once you learn it, your project will succeed and more contributors will flock to you!

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Sonia Singla

Intern/Mentee, CNCF
Sonia is an Information Technology student at Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. One of the shadow on Kubernetes 1.20 release notes team. She worked as an intern in the Thanos project as part of Community Bridge. Past Outreachy Intern with Mozilla. Apart from having lots of interest... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 16:15 - 16:40 GMT
DES Theater

16:40 GMT

Handbook for Successful Online Open Source Sprints - Tania Allard, Microsoft & Cheuk Ting Ho, TerminusDB
Contribution sprints provide an excellent opportunity for project maintainers, users and aspiring contributors to work on open source projects. A common trend is to organise such sprints around other events such as developer conferences (i.e. PyCon). With most OSS projects being developed in a distributed way, in-person events bring together developers, designers and project contributors. Project maintainers often use these events as an opportunity to discuss the project roadmap or work on complex features as a team. The current worldwide panorama has changed our in-person interactions. As a consequence, most conferences have moved online, and with them events like contribution sprints. In this talk, we will present the many challenges we have faced when moving mentored contribution sprints to online formats. We will discuss how you can organise virtual sprints while preserving and enhancing the mentor and contributor experience - from technical to organisational and logistic choices. Finally, we will present the Mentored Sprints community handbook: a community-developed and oriented project aimed to support organisers, mentors and attendees of online contribution sprints.

avatar for Tania Allard

Tania Allard

Developer advocate, Microsoft
Tania is a Sr. Developer Advocate at Microsoft with vast experience in academic research and industrial environments. Her main areas of expertise are within data-intensive applications, scientific computing, and machine learning. She has conducted extensive work on the improvement... Read More →
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Cheuk Ting Ho

Developer Relations Lead, TerminusDB
After spending 5 years researching theoretical physics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Cheuk has transferred her analytical and logical skills in natural science and built a career in data science. Cheuk has been a Data Scientist in one of the biggest worldwide... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 16:40 - 17:05 GMT
DES Theater
  Diversity Empowerment Summit, Mentorship
  • Skill Level Any
  • Technical Talk No

17:15 GMT

Microaggressions Against Women in the Workplace - Eshrak Assaf & David Lebutsch, IBM
This presentation explains the concept of microagression, along with microagression examples from the day-to day life of women in Technology. This includes Mansplaining, Man-eating, Manterruption, Assumptions of Inferiority, Second-Class Citizenship/Invisibility, Traditional Gender Role Prejudicing and Stereotyping. It also proposes strategies to respond to them in a professional and efficient manner.

avatar for Eshrak Assaf

Eshrak Assaf

Senior Manager, IBM
Senior manager for the Virtual Private Cloud Gen2, IBM Cloud Telemetry and Analytics teams. MSc & MBA graduate complemented by 13+ years of experience in Development, Security, DevOps and Operations with a primary focus on virtualization and cloud computing.
avatar for David Lebutsch

David Lebutsch

CTO / Distinguished Engineer SaaS and Hybrid Cloud, IBM Data and AI, IBM
IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Data & AI SaaS on IBM Cloud. Hands on architect and technical leader with 20+ years of experience.

Monday October 26, 2020 17:15 - 17:40 GMT
DES Theater

17:40 GMT

Open Source Mindset to Mindflex - How Flexing Perceptions of OSS Can Change the World - Clare Dillon, Mosslabs.io - Ireland
Clare is not a developer and is a relative newbie to the open source world. She made her first PR earlier this year. She got involved because she believes that open source is a way to construct alternative systems of innovation and remove some of the friction that is plaguing current efforts of "digital transformation". She has learned open source can help build trust, promote openness and collaboration, and provide alternative pathways to get involved with technology. It can help ensure that technology is not something that is built for people but instead built with people to help us digitally transform to a world we all actually want to live in. This is particularly relevant in the context of citizen services. Clare will share stories from her journey to be an open source advocate and how we still need to flex some perceptions and institutional constructs to help open source change the world.

avatar for Clare Dillon

Clare Dillon

Director, Mosslabs.io - Ireland
Clare Dillon has spent over 20 years working with developers and developer communities. She spent 8 years as part of the Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism & Experience Group. She is a relatively new convert to the open source way, but is all... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 17:40 - 18:05 GMT
DES Theater

18:30 GMT

Panel Discussion: Start the Girls Off Right: How You Can Help Get Girls Interested in Technology - Misty Decker, IBM; Kaitlyn Lowe, Brighton High School; Chloe Allen-Ede, University Student; Lella Halloum, Student & Z Ambassador
It's true that we need more girls to get interested in learning about technology. But did you know the same tactics that appeal to boys don't always work with girls. Did you know girls are more motivated by the purpose than by the tech? Or that girls usually decide they're "not technical" in middle school? Or that only 22% of girls can name a woman in tech? Or that fathers have a bigger impact on a girl's decision to pursue technology than mothers? In this session, you will hear from three young girls who are actively engaged in bringing tech to their peers and how you can use these methods to get girls interested in technology at all ages. You'll walk away armed with the tools to personally help in ways small and large. We're scheduled to present at an upcoming mainframe conference in the US called SHARE. The general topics will be the same but the examples will be mainframe oriented versus Open Source oriented for OSS. For example, one of the topics is to help girls "Do something Big - And Make Sure Everyone Sees it". For SHARE, we'll talk about participating in Master the Mainframe. For OSS, we'll talk about contributing to Open Source.

avatar for Misty Decker

Misty Decker

Master the Mainframe Program Manager, IBM
What happens when you find a job that leverages almost 30 years of experience in fulfillment of a lifelong personal mission? Misty Decker finds herself in exactly that position as the Program Manager of the Master the Mainframe contest. Since 1991, Misty has held a variety of technical... Read More →
avatar for Kaitlyn Lowe

Kaitlyn Lowe

Master the Mainframe 2019 North America Winner, Brighton High School
As a North American winner of Master the Mainframe, Kaitlyn Lowe is one of the top 12 out of 25,000 worldwide contestants. As a high school senior, 2019 was only her second time learning about mainframe technologies but she still managed to beat college students and graduate students... Read More →
avatar for Chloë Allen-Ede

Chloë Allen-Ede

University Student, University of Wolverhampton
Chloë is a final year physics student studying at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Two years ago she co-founded and now Chairs her campus Mainframe Computing club (called Wolves MaSS). She is now a IBM zAmbassador and Student Hub Senator. and along with fellow panellist Lella... Read More →
avatar for Lella Halloum

Lella Halloum

High School Student and Z Ambassador, High School
Eager to engage and learn, Lella has already had a big impact as a high school student. She frequently organizes tech learning events for her classmates and participates in international webinars around engaging girls in technology. Along with fellow panelist Chloe, she has started... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 18:30 - 18:55 GMT
DES Theater

19:30 GMT

Panel Discussion: Tangible Actions to Achieve DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in Corporations and Communities - Lisa-Marie Namphy, Dev Advocate & Community Architect; Lauren Maffeo, Steampunk; Joseph Sandoval. Adobe; Dimeji Onafuwa, Microsoft; Josu
Diversity is often used as a euphemism. An organization, company, or community can be diverse without being inclusive or equitable. However, diversity efforts without equitable practices and intentional inclusion will always fall short. The “tangible actions” are found in the “E.” Equity is an approach that ensures everyone access to the same opportunities to grow, contribute, and develop. It’s not enough to simply recognize that advantages and barriers exist. Equity acknowledges that unequal starting place and commits to correcting the imbalance. To get beyond euphemisms and onto tangible action we must understand what we are trying to achieve with DEI, why we care, what to do, and how to do it. These are universal problems and we will discuss globally-relevant solutions. This panel has experts in unconscious bias in data (AI), closing wage gaps, authors on D&I, corporate execs focused on diverse workforces and “the future of work," and community architects running some of the largest open source user groups. We were born in 4 different countries, and have lived and studied all over the world, with backgrounds from Africa, the Carribean, England, Mexico, and Native American.

avatar for Lisa-Marie Namphy

Lisa-Marie Namphy

Head of Developer Relations, Cockroach Labs
Lisa is a developer community architect, a CNCF Ambassador, and product and solutions marketing expert with 20+ years of experience primarily at Cloud Native, Analytics, and Enterprise Software market-leading companies and start-ups. Lisa organizes and runs the SF Bay Cloud Native... Read More →
avatar for Joseph Sandoval

Joseph Sandoval

SRE Manager, Adobe
Joseph is the SRE Manager for Adobe Advertising Infra platform. His team is responsible for running the infrastructure which supports global advertising customers at hyper-scale. He is also active in Open Source communities and helping others become contributors. Joseph is also working... Read More →
avatar for Lauren Maffeo

Lauren Maffeo

Service Designer, Steampunk
Lauren has reported on and worked within the global technology sector. She has worked with CEOs at pre-seed to profitable SaaS startups on media strategy and owns editorial from ideation through publication. For the past 4 years, Lauren worked as an associate principal analyst at... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Dimeji Onafuwa

Dr. Dimeji Onafuwa

Senior UX Researcher, Google
Dimeji uses design research, strategy and innovation to uncover critical insights that will help organizations navigate the complex future problems that we face. Dimeji is a founding member of Common Cause Collective, an impact-focused design collective working toward measurable... Read More →
avatar for Josuel Plasencia

Josuel Plasencia

Co-Founder & COO, Forefront
Josuel is the Co-Founder and COO of Forefront. Josuel has corporate experience in the areas of finance, business strategy and international development with Accenture, Goldman Sachs, EY, KPMG, BNY Mellon, and the Boston Red Sox. He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, NationsWell... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 19:30 - 19:55 GMT
DES Theater

19:30 GMT

Panel Discussion: Inclusivity Starts with Language: Removing Bias from Code - Moderated by Priyanka Sharma, Cloud Native Computing Foundation; Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation; Stephen Augustus, VMware; Dale Davis, IBM & Demetris White Cheatham, GitHub
Join panelists from GitHub, IBM, the Kubernetes project, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation to learn how they are making code more inclusive. They will discuss the momentum behind changes to `master/slave` and similarly offensive technology, the key challenges that lie ahead, and how folks can make the change with resources available. This session will introduce a cross-organizational initiative inclusivenaming.org that aims to help with such efforts.

avatar for Demetris White Cheatham

Demetris White Cheatham

Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy, GitHub
avatar for Kate Stewart

Kate Stewart

Senior Director of Strategic Programs (representing SDDI & Zephyr), The Linux Foundation
Kate Stewart is a Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation. She is responsible for the Open Compliance programs. Her focus is on embedded open source programs, and working with them to improve best practices in security and support for use in safety critical applications... Read More →
avatar for Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma

General Manager, Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Priyanka is the General Manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. She was previously the director of Cloud Native Alliances at GitLab Inc., where she built the developer evangelism team that participates regularly in the cloud native community.Priyanka also serves as an advisor... Read More →
avatar for Stephen Augustus

Stephen Augustus

Senior OSS Engineer, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Core, VMware
Stephen Augustus is an active leader in cloud native OSS communities. He currently serves the Kubernetes community as a Chair for SIG Release, a Release Manager, a Lead for WG Naming, and an owner of Enhancements subproject. Additionally, he is one of the Chairs for CNCF SIG Contributor... Read More →

Dale Davis

Vice President & Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Monday October 26, 2020 19:30 - 20:20 GMT
DES Theater

19:55 GMT

Three Pillars: The Connection of Communication, a Diverse Team, and Engagement - Arpana Durgaprasad, IBM Systems
In our daily conversations, do you know how unknowingly you might be possibly offending someone from a diverse background. This topic would cover on how you can use effective strategies to get over the communication barrier with all audience including those from Diverse background and imbibe trust and positive work culture. I would also touch upon strategies within the organization to propel teams towards high performance with Diversity as the center theme. Another connected aspect is to bring in engagement within the team with diverse audience and how to bridge the gap between the diverse team members as a manager.


Arpana Durgaprasad

Manager, IBM Systems
Arpana is a manager at IBM systems. She has presented sessions on Social Innovation, Going social - tools and strategies, Get Diversity to the roots in Open Source Summit North America – 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. She is also recognized globally at IBM as one of the IBM... Read More →

Monday October 26, 2020 19:55 - 20:20 GMT
DES Theater

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